Moving our board club for a while due to corona-virus

With quarantine we was forced to close for a while, we doesn`t know how long it will be and now we all play in online, so for economy on rent we moved to another building that is cheapest, after quarantine we will open again and will give our new address.

Packing is one of the most important things when it comes to moving. With the right packing, you can avoid:

  • upholstered furniture to tear, scratch, or fall apart (thanks to disassembling and covering it with stretch-wrapping)
  • your antiquities and paintings to damage and wreck (thanks to bubble wrap and putting them to special boxes)
  • fragile elements (plates, dishes, cups, glass) to break (thanks to cover paper, bubble wrap, and sensitive packing to the boxes)
  • all other possible damages thanks to the protection of applicable types of wrapping and packing.

Also we have pretty long moving, so we hired long distance moving specialists to help us.

To make sure everything stays safe during the transportation, their professional long distance movers are experienced enough in loading and placing our stuff to the trucks in a way so to avoid their displacement and damaging on the go. The senior movers of this company have extensive experience with voluminous and heavy objects, such as big tables, piano and furniture.

We wanted that our possessions not to be delivered at the same time, so they offer the service of short-term and long-term storage. They have storage units spacious enough to store items from offices, houses, apartments, residential complexes, restaurants, bars, and shops. They, as apartment movers, have all necessary licenses and authorizations issued by the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These allow not only to guarantee the safety of all items being transported but also to move across states and countries. They also keep up-to-date all other licenses, permits, and allowances. We was very exited their service, so, when you’re choosing the right movers company, addressing to them can give you the complete assuredness that all your belongings will be safely packed and delivered.